My Neighborhood Is…

Here is a sample of my students’ (unedited) observations about their neighborhood, crafted after the elevator activity described in an earlier post.

My neighborhood is…

My neighborhood is the best because I'm surrounded with the people that love me.

…the memory of myself and my whole familly.

…a cat city with cats everywhere.

…the best because Im surrounded with the people that love me.

…cold, has trees and short building but nobody can forget the loveing of it neighborhood.

…quit and joyful place and that the place I was born again.

…interesting because amazing thing happen here that were really special to me when I move in the first time ever.

…a place that is very crowded, it is full with feeling, and joy.

…the world and it’s filled with people that has diffrent culchers.

…awsome because I live nere friends and family.

…really quit that you could hear the air blowing.

…fun and croded in the day time and in the morning is quet.

3 responses to “My Neighborhood Is…

  1. This is very moving to me. I wonder if I can ask what type of cameras you are able to send home with your students?

    • Colette,
      I got 10 Kodak digital cameras and all supplies through Donor’s Choose. The total kit I send home (case, camera, batteries, memory card) is about 100 dollars. The cameras themselves are roughly $70. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

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