Bake Sales are Back!! Temporarily.

NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein says bake sales are now okay, again. But not for your school...

Oh Joel Klein. You of the wisdom beyond your ears.

We tried organizing a baked goods sale in school late last year to raise funds for the senior trip. Kids brought in things to sell, the word went out through the building where and when the sale would be, and then word came down from the top that the bake sale, that bastion of school fundraising and central experience of the elementary school years, was no longer legal.

I scratched my head, shrugged my shoulders, made some snarky, disbelieving remarks, and returned the purchased goods to my confused students. “Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you,” was about all that I knew to tell them.

Well, it seems Klein, that crippling force of educational reform in our fine (but wretchedly governed) city, has reversed his stance temporarily. It seems, according to the NYT, that bake sales are, again, an acceptable form of raising funds. However, that’s only if the proceeds of the sale are going to fund relief efforts in Haiti.

Is the sudden reversal because Klein thinks the bake sale is the best money-raising ploy? If it is, why can’t a school struggling for money use them for their own benefit? To me this is all just a bunch of codswallop, hogwash, and tomfoolery.

One of my colleagues suggested we do a health sale. What kid doesn’t want to buy carrot and celery sticks? No mind, Joel, we’ll just charge the families more than they can afford so they can send their kids on the trip.

No one ever accused you of being in touch, anyway.

Sarcasm aside, though, waiving the ban on bake sales to benefit Haiti works for me. I hope a lot of schools use the opportunity – maybe mine, too.


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