Sobering, Saddening News

I just received news that a classmate of mine, who I went to school with from elementary school through college, has passed away.

I have three significant memories of Robin Sillau.

She lived up the block from me when we were younger, and one day her mom took her to the park and my dad took me. We ran into each other and played. This was almost 20 years ago in second grade.

I always thought there was some kind of academic connection between me and Robin. We were in the same class from second to eighth grade. By high school, we no longer had classes together, but it turned out that she and I wound up being the only two graduates in our class of nearly 800 to attend the University of Maryland (both as journalism majors, no less). We had one class together there, and I always got a kick out of seeing her on campus. It was like a little secret we shared coming from the same HS and the same block.

Finally, a couple of years ago, through Facebook, my fifth grade class and I all got nostalgic about the old elementary school days, and we got a dialogue going. Finally, someone asked the inevitable – “So, when are we getting together?” – and Robin was the first to volunteer her apartment as a place to meet. About 20 of us went to the reunion and had a great time.

It’s weird. I’ve been wondering lately about suggesting we have another reunion, and I felt pretty sure Robin would again offer us her apartment. Now, the next time our group meets, she’ll be a focal point in a much different, much worse way.

My heart goes out to her mother and fiance’.

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