Here Comes the Snow Again

UPDATE 7:08 pm: Spotted a colleague’s facebook status that says schools are definitely open tomorrow. It’s a train day, no question. Let’s see what happens for Friday. I’m legitimately worried for my students.

Batten down the hatches! Word is spreading through the school that the possibility of a Friday snow day exists. Yes, we are preparing here in the tri-state area for what they are calling a “snow hurricane.” FYI, we’re calling it a “snurricane” in our building. It’s supposed to begin raining tonight, which will mix with snow tomorrow morning, before turning solely into snow. This is supposed to linger until Saturday.

And then there’s the utterly ridonculous winds they are forecasting. I’ve heard anywhere from 35 to 88 miles per hour. That’s enough to make some of the kids blow away!

The last blizzard was one thing, but this snurricane is a whole other beast. Why risk it?

As you remember, when the blizzardly blast of a couple weeks ago descended upon NYC, our esteemed and ever concerned mayor did the right thing by closing schools in advance of the first flake. For once, he hit it – the snowball -out of the park. We were absolutely whalloped the next day. Of course, as you all know from reading here, Friday brought us back into work (transportation and safety issues be damned!), drawing the ire of just about every teacher I know who struggled through the snow like a one-legged gladiator through the gauntlet.

Now, with Snurricane Oh-Ten bearing down, Bloomberg has the chance to do right by our city’s children anew. By all accounts, the goings will be absolutely treacherous on Friday. No doubt limbs will be flying from trees (maybe even from bodies). Debris will cut through the air. It’s bad news. And it’s not something to mess around with.

Again, forget my stake in this – I lose when school is closed. But, for the love of all that is right in this world, spare the children and their families from the danger of the impending storm.


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