Month in Review: Feb. 2010

As February winds to a close, taking with it two major snowstorms (and snow days), and we give way to March, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what the month looked like here at The World As I See It. February was my second full month of blogging, and in many ways, I consider it a major improvement over January.

– Snow seemed to dominate the month for me. On February 10, following the announcement by the mayor that schools would be open, I wrote about the “Snow Day Stinker” and wound up with the greatest number of readers in one day I’ve ever had. Given the timing of the post (late evening following the mayor’s press conference), I was amazed that so many people were drawn to the blog.

– February 26 was another snow-dominated day and my second-most viewed day for February. I posted “NYC Gets it Right (Somewhat)” before 7:30 that morning, and a steady stream of readers passed on sledding to read it.

– The month also represented some significant developments in my classroom. The Mosaic Project began in earnest and I shared the products of my students’ beginning work with you. Also, with the Olympics in our mind (and a need to make learning vocabulary fun), I introduced a new word value system in the class.

– Finally, I really made a concerted effort to deliver my opinions most strongly on topics with which I have intimate familiarity (rather than just spout off about any old thing). I wrote about the role of native languages in the classroom. Recently, I tried my best to share what I felt are the qualities of teaching that can not be negotiated.

All in all, I’m happy with this blog thus far. Readership, both in total, and in daily average, was up from January. More people are finding the site through Facebook and Twitter, and sites like Edwize and Gothamschools have linked to me.

Thanks to everyone for helping me get this site going in the right direction – I know many of you share web sites through email and word of mouth. It really helps, and I appreciate it. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.


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