Content Area Creativity

I wanted to share images of some of my students’ book covers for the unit we just wrapped up, content area (non-fiction) writing. They took to this unit wonderfully and really threw themselves into it. I really enjoyed the organized chaos of their research during the workshop periods.

Did I emphasize too greatly the inclusion of a knock out cover? It’s possible. But so far, from what I’ve read, the books actually are pretty good. Take a look at some of their creativity below.

2 responses to “Content Area Creativity

  1. Very creative and inspiring! 🙂

  2. Based on the constraints of the curriculum, it is almost impossible to fit art into the school day (or year). You’ve managed to infuse the arts into your teaching through an activity as simple as illustrating covers for published writing or one as complex as the Mosaic Project. Your students are being creative and learning at the same time. You’ve figured out what good teaching is about!!!

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