Technological Advances

Count me among the newborn believers in the power of technology in the classroom. I don’t exactly have the greatest ability to implement technology-based learning in my room (no smart board, slow computers, the structure of the day), but I have been introduced to the notion of a class web site. Mine is being powered by Edmodo.

Edmodo is essentially Facebook for classes. Over the last two afternoons, I set all of my students up with personal user names and passwords and started the dialogue with a poll about their favorite read aloud as well as some thoughts about books we’ve read. Today they each had a couple of minutes to log on in school (in a neighboring classroom, I might add, because, inexplicably Safari and all other browsers shut down when I open the site in our room). They were thrilled – amazed that such a place exists online where they can congregate safely and comfortably. I think the potential for carrying camaraderie a lot further exists due to the introduction of Edmodo to our class.

If your kids are old enough to handle the web and using the somewhat intricate site, I say you give it a shot and see if it could work for you. There’s really great opportunity in it. By the time I got home, there were already about 30 messages from the kids who went on after school.


2 responses to “Technological Advances

  1. Cool website! Looks very interactive and I think my kids would love to use it, esp. to communicate with other kids and me. Thanks for introducing edmodo!

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