Here’s a Tip

In the stairwell today on the way to dismissal, a colleague expressed surprise that one of my students was in a special ed class. Seems she had Corey’s sister, and oodles of befuddlement made it difficult for her to believe that YES, he IS in my class. (As if that’s something to look down upon? Check with me after our leaf activity tomorrow and see if it’s so bad to be in my class).

So after dispensing with the nostalgia over Corey’s sister, the teacher proceeded to ask me what the nature of Corey’s IEP was. Mind you, this was in front of my entire class and para.

First of all, lady, it’s none of your business. Second, you touched a nerve with me that returns me to my first year when, amazed by the resourcefulness of some students in my “low” class, a cluster teacher announced in astonishment for all to hear, “AND THEY’RE LOW FUNCTIONING!”

Here’s the deal. My kids, much like yours, are not deaf. And, the fact that they’re in a special ed class does not mean they are in a soundproof, thoughtproof bubble that insulates them from your ridiculousness. They hear and they understand.

What’s Corey’s IEP? What’s it your concern? Take your upturned nose and stick it in someone else’s cumulative records.


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