Updates from TSETC 2010

3:56 PM Wrapping up one of the best presentations of the day, by Google Certified Erica Hartman. She shared a great list of free web resources that had a big crowd buzzing.

Also established a wall wisher to thank Eric for bringing us in for TSETC.

2:45 PM Interesting dialogue here about the virtue of Twitter/online PD versus traditional vendor PD. You could pick out the tweeps in the room rather easily. I think both have value, but you can get much more specific and personal with Twitter. As I tweeted, though, it really helps to have people on board schoolwide.

2:20 PM Karen Blumberg amazed at turnout for Grassroots PD session. If others are like me, they’re here because their school is unable to offer tech PD and we want to bring it back to our colleagues and admins.

2:10 PM Lunch is over and people are settling in for session 3. I will be at Grassroots Professional Development and will update @MrFoteah as nuggets develop.

The big excitement during lunch was setting up my sister’s new Twitter account. This morning’s sessions convinced her she had to join the conversation. Check her out @teachallkids. She’s attending the session on assistive technology.

11:41 AM Really like the idea of using Animoto as a hook to start a unit or novel.

11:15 AM Follow the Digital Storytelling presentation online at https://sites.google.com/site/smorradigitalstorytelling/.

11:04 AM Just finished up with Adam Bellow at edutecher presentation. Whirlwind, but wrote down some web sites that look phenomenal. You can see the contents of his presentation at 3x3links.

Waiting now for Digital Storytelling session to begin.

10:15 AM I will try to update throughout the day with information I am picking up at the first annual TSETC.

Session 1 – 10 Free Web Tools

ZooBurst 3-D digital storytelling.

Museum Box Make cubes with media on them for student learning.

Session moving very fast, it will be easier for me to tweet links @MrFoteah


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