Day 9/365 was inspired by my attendance at the Reform Symposium this weekend.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an all day virtual education conference, the Reform Symposium.

It was organized by several dynamic educators around the world and featured presentations from 10 AM-12 AM about different classroom topics.

Two Twitter friends of mine, Pernille in Wisconsin and Greta in Argentina, gave top-notch presentations about the amazing things they’ve done in their classrooms that are illustrative of their commitment and drive to guide their students to success in ways that make sense.

Because this is a profession where we are constantly berated by politicians and in the media and often made to feel utterly powerless to compel the difference in the world we all sought when we started, the Reform Symposium was refreshing and uplifting.

It served as a reminder that this profession requires me to do one thing above all to make that difference, and after yesterday, I’m reminded I must do it, despite the negativity, the best way I know how:


Wishing you a wonderful week. For the rest of my 365 Project, please visit my Flickr page.


3 responses to “Teach

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  2. Neat message, Matt. I only caught a bit of RSCon, but totally agree with you, there is something great in the increasingly connected world in which we are living. I hope you had a good week and am now off to peruse your 365

    Mike =)

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