From Wisconsin, With Care

In the latest development in the continuously evolving story of how two teachers Tweeted their classes toward connection, Mrs. Ripp’s class sent mine an amazing treasure trove of Wisconsin goodies for us to fawn over. My students were enthralled to open our care package today to discover:

Wisconsin in a Box

– 6 stuffed animals (including a cow puppet, a University of Wisconsin Badger, and a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Champion bear)

– horse and UW stickers.

– mustard, maple syrup, pretzels, and chocolate

– postcards and books

– UW pom-poms, pencils, pens, magnet, basketball, toothbrush, and slap bracelet (which I immediately claimed)

– Packers nail tattoos

– National Mustard Museum playing cards (okay, I knew about the cheese, but mustard, too?)

– a mooing light-up cow keychain (the big hit of the day, with the stickers)

We are preparing our own package to send our new friends, with slightly different twists. I can only hope Mrs. Ripp’s class is as excited as mine was!

By the way, Mrs. Ripp also sent 2 pounds of cheese curds. Unfortunately, with school being out for the next 11 days, my students won’t be able to eat them. You do know curds are best enjoyed 2-5 days after formation, don’t you? And at room temperature? Neither did I, but these are the things you learn in situations like this.


3 responses to “From Wisconsin, With Care

  1. I have only had cheese curds Québécois style – in poutine. How are u going to eat it?

  2. How lucky are you getting everything Wisconsin! I was born & raised in WI transplanted in Boston MA now. What a fun way to connect and collaborate with other classrooms.

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