You Don’t Have to Be a Rockstar in Order to Rock

As I’ve become more involved in the run up to #RSCON3, both as a presenter and moderator, I have also been consciously making an effort to expand my PLN to reap the benefits of the PLN luminaries that we all follow as well as those who are yet to establish that following. As a result, my number of followers has grown, as have the number of people I’m following. Because of this, I continue to be ever-amazed at the breadth of Twitter. I don’t use the term “universe” lightly when I describe Twitter, as it’s expanse is as hard for me to comprehend as the universe’s.

In the early days of my PLN life, I was intimidated by the luminaries out there. You know, those people who seem to tweet day and night, run webinars, moderate chats, host international blogging opportunities from their kitchen, or get 50 comments on each post they write. In a way they were like celebrities because I’d see their names, their follower counts, and the amount of retweets they got, and I thought to myself, “Wow, s/he is famous! I could never talk to that person!”

If you’re feeling that way, I have to tell you that in most cases, you’re wrong. The reality is, most people in your PLN are eager to meet others like you, who are motivated, inspirational, ready to engage in debate, and have something to share that makes us all better. A case in point: recently, I sent a direct message to one of the suns of my PLN universe asking if I could run an idea by her. I tiptoed because I know how busy this person is and especially how busy she is now. Within minutes though, I had a response asking me to shoot an email or meet for Skype in a few hours. This person owes me absolutely nothing, but there she was ready to squeeze me into what is undoubtedly a wall-to-wall schedule.

So, if you’re new to Twitter, or you’re spending time in the shadows, come on out and get to know the members of your PLN. Part of being in a PLN is learning together – and I don’t mean in a parallel way. You surely have wonderful things you can share. So share them!

This will probably be my last post before #RSCON3 kicks off tomorrow, and therefore my last chance to publicize it and my presentation in this space. Hope you can join me and Pernille Ripp for WisconsiNewYork: Collaborating and Connecting and learn some of the steps you can take to collaborate with a member of your PLN. Our presentation link can be found here and we will begin at 7:30 EST on Friday, July 29. Hope to see you there!



3 responses to “You Don’t Have to Be a Rockstar in Order to Rock

  1. Great post! Twitter brings together an outstanding group of global educators who are willing to connect, share and collaborate. I am a much better person because of the members of my PLN who are all stars!

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