10 Wishes + One

As we begin a new school year, replete with wonder and excitement about its potential for us and our students, here is what I wish for you:

I wish you the faith to trust your gut and the belief that you are doing what’s right for your students.

I wish you the wisdom to trust your students to take ownership of their own learning.

I wish you the courage to defend your students, and help them learn how to stand up for their rights.

I wish you the knowledge of just how significant a role you play in helping your students have their best day ever – or their worst.

I wish you the understanding to not trivialize your students’ struggles, no matter how minor they seem.

I wish you the compassion to be a trusted colleague who others turn to for support.

I wish you the determination to break the barriers that may preclude you from having some or all parents in your class community.

I wish you the kindness to recognize the many contributions of every member of the school community, including: students, teachers, administrators, aides, therapists, custodians, lunch staff, safety officers, secretaries, guidance counselors, paras, parents, siblings, and yourself. Each group contributes something vital to the school that should not be overlooked.

I wish you the time to get to know people who project attitudes you don’t like.

I wish you a smile on your face every morning for every member of the school community you greet.

I wish you only the best as you embark on what I hope is your best year yet.

Please add your wishes in the comments section.

11 responses to “10 Wishes + One

    I wish everyone a peaceful and safe (from violence of any sort) school year!

  2. and what do you wish for yourself?

  3. I wish you the knowledge to know the difference between the things that you can change and the things that you can’t.

  4. Matthew,

    Here are some of the things that I wish for you:

    I wish you the ability to learn from your mistakes and move on.

    I wish you a sense of humor that allows you to laugh at yourself.

    I wish you the judgement to know how to choose your battles, to fight for what’s important and let go of what doesn’t really matter.

    On the nights that you come home frustrated from experiencing too much bureaucratic nonsense and too much of what doesn’t make sense for kids, I wish you the strength to realize that you are making a difference in the lifes of the children you teach,

    I am inspired by what you wrote and intend to pass it on to others. I know that you will have a great school year.

  5. Dear Matthew, (and Gail)

    Thank you for the beautiful prayer. I say amen to all that for I am so encouraged. I will pass it on to my fellow teachers.

    I wish you all can feel and experience the love from each student, as you give yours to them.

    I wish you bear in mind that you are investing your life in every single student you are teaching, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

    I wish you can see the world through their eyes, and usher them to the right path meant for them.

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  7. Thank you. That was beautiful. I got a little choked up reading your wishes. I’ve entered into the nervous/afraid part of getting ready for the coming school year. It’s helpful to read things like your post to remind me why I’m doing this. Thank you again.

    I wish for you to know how important you are and how many people you have touched just by being the person you are.

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