#MoreThan140 – Prepare to Be Inspired

With about eight interviews scheduled to be released over the next two weeks and many more still to be conducted, #MoreThan140 is really about to swing into high gear.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some truly inspirational people, and something I realized about a month ago is becoming even more evident: you don’t have to be a rockstar in order to rock. Better said, our PLN is full of rockstars who don’t get the recognition they should. Maybe even better said, I never noticed their awesomeness until I spoke with them face to face. That’s my fault, but at least now I’m getting a better sense for these passionate people.

With #MoreThan140 really getting going now, you can expect Vicky or me to post brief interviews on a regular basis, for as long as momentum sustains us. Interviews will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be archiving all interviews – both mine and hers – on this site’s #MoreThan140 page.

We hope you enjoy the interviews and find them inspirational and interesting. We also hope you’ll retweet them, +1 them, and post them to Facebook so we can spread the inspiration. You can play a huge role in bringing inspiration to others just by sharing these interviews – and that is really so much of what this project is about.

Thanks for your support!


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