Beautiful Things Await

As I watched coverage of Hurricane Irene barreling up the eastern coast of the United States and eventually situating over New York last night, the photographer in me kept saying, “Oh, but what a sunset it’s going to be when she leaves.”

We weren’t disappointed tonight. Although this picture doesn’t do it justice, the sunset was absolutely stunning.

This week, I head back to school to begin setting up my classroom. As I was preparing some things to take, I was reflecting about some of the stuff that happened at school last year – both in my control and out of – that I didn’t like. There were some storms I had to weather, no doubt. By the end of the year, though, the sun was breaking through, and what was at times a difficult experience resulted in a beautiful payoff.

This year, when the storms hit, I will do my best to remember tonight’s sunset. I will try to weather those storms in pursuit of the beautiful things that await.

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