#MoreThan140 – Get to Know Dov Emerson

The next guest in the “More than 140″ interview series is Dov Emerson (@DovEmerson). I recently chatted with Dov, an assistant principal at a religious high school in Woodmere, NY, about his motivations to enter education, how he balances work with being a father to four boys, and the words that inspire him.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 responses to “#MoreThan140 – Get to Know Dov Emerson

  1. I enjoyed listening to this interview. I am retiring this year after 34 years in teaching. I love what I do and I too also am privileged to teach in a nice setting, with a culture of calm and clean. Teachers truly care about our students and I believe our students can feel that. I like hearing that you are not just teaching to a test and that you are helping your students to be well rounded individuals. Dov,I appreciated you sharing the things that are difficult and I could totally relate. I do many of the things that my principal and asst. principal do in my classroom, but I never wanted to become an administrator, too many more hats to wear. I can still lead from the classroom.

  2. Great interview. Loved the last quote you talked about. As my husband is fond of saying “you can’t steer a parked car” – do something and the rest will follow. Also enjoyed hearing you talk about your family. Who would have guessed you hail from Memphis, Tenn?! Not this nice Jewish girl originally from Queens.

  3. This was a terrific, inspirational interview. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in an honest, compassionate way, I look forward to the upcoming #MoreThan140.

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