Lessons I’ve Learned

In exactly one week, I will be in bed trying to fall asleep, having no success because I know, come the morning, my new class will be greeting me and we will be all systems go on the 2011-2012 school year. For the first time in my career I am looping with some of last year’s students, which is awesome, but I am equally excited to meet and get to know the kids I’ve never met before.

This will be my fourth year teaching, in a new room for the fourth time, seemingly reinventing myself for the fourth time, too. I am excited about the challenges that lie ahead of me and hope my students are, too. Though the content of our newly acquired knowledge may differ, my students and I will be learning together. That is a constant that carries through every year, regardless of where I am or who is in my class.

With that, I’d like to share some posts that I hope inspire some thought as you head back to school. These were all published in August and seemed to strike a chord with many people. I hope they help you, in some small way, prepare for your students, who so desperately need you, your enthusiasm, and your love from the moment you first see each other.

Know Them Before You Judge Them – a lesson I learned about first impressions and the importance of forming your own opinions.

Dear Me (On the Eve of My First Year Teaching) – a letter I wrote from my contemporary self to my first year teacher self. We should all reflect on our growth and be thankful for the position we are in.

The Most Meaningful Words – a lesson in believing our positive words make a difference and believing in oneself.

I also want to link to a blog that describes one of my lowest points as a teacher, An Apology From a Teacher, Who, It Turns Out, Doesn’t Know Everything. I took it as a major learning experience. Please do your best and don’t commit the same mistake I did.


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