Are You Committed?

As educators, the day we look forward to the most is that first day with our students, when they arrive in their new, clean clothes, eager with their supplies, excited to start a new year. However, I would argue that the first day back seeing colleagues (before students return) is worthy of the same type of excitement.

The usual response when I ask my colleagues, “How was your summer?” is “Short.” I generally tell them, “Everyone says that, come on!” It’s always great to see everyone back in school looking refreshed and ready for the challenges of a new year. And on day one, we all feel we can rise to meet them. The excitement is contagious.

Unfortunately, the reality for many is that this will not last through the year. For whatever reason, people forget the “can-do” attitude they brought back from the summer and lose sight of the fact that they still “can-do” throughout the year, even when they think they can’t.

This year, I am committed to maintaining a “can-do” attitude throughout the year, even when things get really rough (which I know they will). Are you?

5 responses to “Are You Committed?

  1. A commitment to be positive throughout the year is one big step along the path in creating a learning environment rewarding for all involved. It was always my goal yet was sometimes not achieved because of outside factors. Predominantly, I kept the can-do going and was rewarded with children who wanted to be there.

    Keep up the commitment and enjoy a very rewarding year.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  2. I believe that the philosophy you have for your students, “You Matter”, will keep the “can do” attitude rolling, throughout the school year and beyond.

  3. Ms. D. Mac (@teachdmac)

    I feel I always have a can-do attitude but I feel it comes with a “step all over me” sign on my back, too.

  4. To be an educator, to inspire young people, is truly a vocation. I worked with middle- and high school students in an Emotional Support program for the past 10 years. I LOVED my work and valued my opportunities to be an effective teacher and support to my students. I was aware that the educational agency I worked for was losing enrollment in the last couple of years. Some colleagues chose to focus on the fear of being laid off or reassigned throughout the past school year, rather than on being in the present and maintaining positive thought. It was a challenge to come to work every day and hear the negativity, but I knew that nothing would come from worry and so I consciously chose not to be a part of that kind of thought and talk. Regrettably, one coworker and myself were among the many laid off by our agency in June.

    It has been a very hard summer, dealing with the emotional upheaval (and other difficult aspects) of being laid off. To those educators who come back from summer break lacking the attitude of excitement and energy in September, they should remember this: a) Be truly grateful that you have the opportunity to practice your profession, because in this economy/job market there is no guarantee that you will continue to do so, and b) Every interaction you have with your students has the potential to make a profound impact on their lives, even if you are not immediately aware. Your attitude and effort count every day.

    Mr. F., have a great school year!

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