We Dream

On the first day of school, my students created pennants that expressed their dreams. I find it exciting that students wrote their dreams for the school year as well as dreams for their lives as well as what are essentially daydreams. They took different interpretations of what a dream is, and that’s fine.

Funny story. We were writing a book together all about our class. I pointed out it is important to write a sentence saying what our class is (by which I meant the official name used in school). So I asked, “What class is this?” Almost unanimously the students answered, “Field of Dreams!” They are definitely buying in.

Here are their pennants. They are hanging in our room as a reminder of what it means to dream. (Student names have been erased).


2 responses to “We Dream

  1. A reminder that I have on my desk: “Believe in your dreams… they are ready and waiting to come true”. Also, “Dreams are necessary to life”, by Anais Nin.

    Hmmm… as I look at my desk and the quotes that stare me in the face everyday, I now know the reason that I love your classroom concept! A dream is that goal that we work so hard to achieve; the driving force behind our work or passion.

    Now – your goal is to keep “I want to do homework” believing in this dream… it will lead to so much goodness, if kept at appropriate levels.

    Thanks for sharing the pennants; so inspiring!!

    • It is a powerful thing to have dreams but more importantly to have someone who believes you can achieve them. That’s what I’m hoping to impress upon this class – that if no one else believes in them, I do. Thanks for your support.

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