The Beginning of Our Great Blogging Adventure

I will confess that as I prepare to introduce my students to the wonders of blogging, I am nervous about how they will take to it, being that it is such a reading and writing-intensive experience.

In my mind’s eye, I see students struggling to find the right keys on the keyboard, worrying about their spelling, failing to read what others write with lack of picture supports, frustrating at the interface of the blog. I see the whole thing blowing up in my face.

What is wrong with me? Maybe I should choose to see the following:

  • Students faces beaming with incredulous pride when they each receive their first comment, which we read and celebrate together as a class.
  • Incredible excitement at seeing their original work displayed on the internet for all to see.
  • Early struggles typing and spelling replaced by future successes.
  • Different colors dotting our U.S. and world maps, showing where our visitors are writing from.
  • Kids taking a chance to write independently from home, putting their imperfect selves out there with self-confidence.
  • A community strengthened by the shared experience of blogging and students who become more attuned global citizens.
This should be a great adventure and a wonderful learning experience for all of us. I hope I have the fortitude to allow it to happen as it should…

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