Bloggers Rise Above

On a day in which my students read through 41 incredible blog comments from at least 22 states and countries combined, I wasn’t about to deprive them the thrill of getting back on the class site and giving it another shot.

Of course, the best laid plans oh so often go to waste.


After taking care of the required work for the afternoon, which was a Common Core baseline task that the kids found extremely difficult (and on which I could not assist), I thought they’d like to have a little release. So they packed up and I gave them the option of blogging or using the science center.

Kids were settling in: magnifying glasses, shells, and rocks were all in hand in the back (along with the bee I killed to save the kids from terror 45 minutes earlier). Computers were whirring to life and kids were sitting down to log in and begin writing their first independent or partner blogs. Everyone was engaged, everyone was excited, and then, everyone was alarmed when…

BONG! BONG! BONG! Hello, fire drill.

Annnnnd away we went. Kids lined up quickly, leaving science specimens and laptops at their places. My main concern was on exiting the building quickly and quietly, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the kids who were so excited to be doing these fun things. Being a trooper is part of the M.O. of any solid kid, and thankfully, I’ve got a whole class of them. They took their medicine, swallowed it, and made the most of having their enjoyment taken from them.

By the time the fire drill ended and we were back in our room, we literally had 10 minutes left in the day before we had to dismiss. Kids wanted to write. Kids wanted to investigate. So I set the timer, told them they had just 10 minutes to finish, and watched the magic happen. The bloggers only got out a couple of sentences each, but they made sense, they were around a topic, and they loved doing it.

Remember when I wrote my kids would have trouble finding the right keys on the keyboard? Well, they did. But, sorry, we’re not allowing that to be a deterrent. Friends helped eachother find the D key, and when it came down to crunch time, I had the kids who needed it dictate to me so I could type. No big deal!

Because of their resiliency and resolve, four of my students published their first blogs today. The conditions were not ideal, but thankfully the kids are. They made it happen.

Blogs are published and ready for your comments, if you feel like making a 3rd grader smile today!


2 responses to “Bloggers Rise Above

  1. Hello! I left comments on everyone’s blog. I enjoy following the progress your students make, and can’t wait to see what everything looks like at the end!

  2. This seems to be a Twitter-like experience. Instead of seeing what meaning you can get into 140 characters, you have 10 minutes to discover the world. One thing we learn as teachers, children can surprise us with what they can do when time is limited. šŸ™‚
    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

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