Your Thoughts: Time to Sink My Teeth into Apple?

For several months I have hemmed and hawed over buying an iPad or other tablet. My sister, a bit of a trailblazer in her school with the use of tablets, loves it for her students with disabilities. I see it benefiting mine similarly, and like the added dimension of being able to use it for data collection. Less paper, more fluidity/organization.

Of course rumors continue to swirl around the unveiling of the iPad3, regarding both what it will have and when it will drop. My problem is we are already a month into the school year. Days are ticking by. By the time I have an iPad2 in my hands and operating to my style, it might be December, for all I know. By the same token, though, the sooner I have one, the sooner I can use it. Ugh. Talk is the iPad3 won’t arrive until March, and is there any guarantee I’d even get it then given the usual hype and clamor to get one?

Maybe I wait until the iPad3 comes out and get the 2 at that point, anticipating a price drop on the older model?

Or do I just say adios to Apple and go with another brand’s tablet?

What do you think? Is it time to just bite the bullet and buy what’s currently available? Or should I hold out for the next incarnation and (potentially) sacrifice many months of increased productivity and learning?

Help, please!!

***I wrote this last night and only several minutes after I finished, I found out that Steve Jobs had died. As such, I think it is important to remember him for his incredible contributions to the world of education. How many of us went to school with Macs or IIEs in the early 1990s? How many of our students use iPads in school today? Jobs was a visionary who helped transform the face of student interaction with content and he should be remembered as such.***


2 responses to “Your Thoughts: Time to Sink My Teeth into Apple?

  1. So glad you got the iPad! If I had seen this post sooner I would have begged you to just go for it! 🙂
    You won’t be sorry. Next you’ll “need” the iPhone. Another purchase I don’t regret for a second. It’s like having a mini version of my iPad with me at all times…looking forward to the release of iCloud so my calendars stay in sync…that’s the only thing I’ve had trouble with.

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