Our Commitment

We must commit to deflecting and redirecting negativity, for so many people require our positivity.

We must commit to believing in every student that ever enters our classroom, for so many have already written them off.

We must commit to showing appreciation for everyone around us, for so many never have their best efforts recognized.

We must commit to thwarting the challenges before us, for so many look to us to see how it’s done.

We must commit to being stewards of our students’ best interests, for so many get lost in the vast sea.

We must commit to supporting each other, for so many have only good intentions gone astray.

We must commit to an attitude of yes, for so many have tired of hearing and feeling no.

We must rise up, we must dust off. We must stand tall, we must walk proud. We must lead, we must guide.

To all these things, we must commit.


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