Laughs Over Lunch

Blogger’s Cafe is now three weeks old in my classroom. Kids have learned some vital keyboarding skills (the awesomeness of the shift key, the appropriate number of times to press the spacebar, the beauty of realizing that, hey! I’ve got all the numbers right on top). They are improving with each visit to the cafe, and with each visit we are having a lot of laughs, too.

We are enjoying a wide range of conversations as we eat and blog. Here are some snippets.

On Holidays

“First comes Halloween, then Turkey Day, then Christmas.”

On Food

Me (to student eating a PB and J sandwich): “Are you going to come blog?”

Student: “Wait, I’m eating the jelly!”

On Culinary Combinations

Student (eyeing my noodles): “That doesn’t look healthy.”

Me: “It is. I made it myself. I know what’s in it. It actually has peanut butter on it.”

Student: “Where’s the jelly?”

On the Biebs

Student: “Justin Bieber isn’t real.”

Me: “What do you mean he isn’t real?”

Student: “I mean he’s fake.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but why do you say he’s not real? He’s a real person.”

Student: “No, he isn’t. He’s just an old guy wearing a mask.”

On Voices

Student (upon hearing music faintly coming from the computer speakers): “Why is the computer talking to me?”

It is so great to see the kids’ personalities come out in small, informal settings. I have to do a better job remembering these nuggets!



One response to “Laughs Over Lunch

  1. I love this post. I actually took pictures one day of my grade 8 students practicing their break dancing moves during our lunch period. I think lunch time is one of the most important times to build relationships. Maybe I’ll blog about that too 😉

    We are not allowed to have peanut butter in school…too many allergies.

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