Assessment on the Move

On Monday, I attended a conference at which Paula Kluth was the main attraction. Her talk was focused on autism, but she shared plenty of wonderful ideas that extend to all students receiving special education services, and, I might add, all students in general.

One of ideas she shared can be used as a movement break and assessment all at once. I am excited to try this in my classroom and thought others might want to, as well.

It’s called “A Great Wind Blows”. Everyone stands. The teacher says “A great wind blows for anyone who knows…” and then drops in a question from a lesson or a piece of general knowledge. If you know the answer, you move to a new seat or spot. And, Kluth said, even if you don’t know the answer and just want to move, then you can do that, too!

Kluth’s example: “A great wind blows for anyone who knows who won the Super Bowl this year.” She also used, “A great wind blows for anyone who knows who the third president was,” as well as “A great wind blows for anyone who knows a character on ‘Jersey Shore.'” (I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that pretty much everyone moved for the last one, while only a handful knew the first two – yikes.)

How about using A Great Wind Blows to see which students know key concepts from lessons? Kluth suggested that if there is a particularly big idea that many kids miss (as evidenced by the lack of movement in the room), then the idea can be revisited and then the statement reissued, at which point everyone returns to their seat.

This is just one idea. Kluth has written some wonderful, practical books and I certainly urge you to listen to her speak if ever you have the opportunity. She will appear on The Inclusive Class Friday 10/28 at 9 PM EST.


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