Reformers: Every Teacher is a SAGE

To reformers, every teacher is a SAGE:

Selfish – and outrageous for demanding workers’ rights as a union, a bedrock of middle class America.

Anarchists – and insane to suggest that the government and billionaires are outside their rights to dictate what schools must do. After all, what does a teacher know about education?

Greedy – and audacious for demanding a salary that rewards them for the hours they work and honors the importance of their jobs.

Effortless – and lazy. They punch in. They punch out. They go home and are free for the entire evening without a single work-related care.

But teachers must be resolute. For they know that someday, this will pass. They will be honored. They will be trusted. They will be viewed both as pillars and foundations, and they will be strong.


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