You’ll Never Blog Alone

Within two hours of yesterday’s post being published, I had wildly divergent direct message feedback from two of my biggest supporters. One said,”Your latest post doesn’t make much sense.” Hm, okay. The other said, “Great post.” Hm, okay again. I was surprised by both reactions; I knew it wasn’t my finest work, but I had made an attempt at frankly addressing a topic I’ve avoided and tried to do so in a unique way. I figured it would be one of those posts that people ignore as if to say, “Let’s just pretend this never happened.”

In October, I’ve managed to publish at least one post each day. This is on the heels of a September in which I missed only one or two days. To say the least, the last two-plus months of blogging have been very inspired for me. I have found plenty to write about and have gotten loads of amazing, uplifting feedback.

But there have been clunkers, too, and that’s okay. Day to day, there will be ups and downs. I don’t expect myself to blog at a consistently high level because, frankly, I am not well-versed in enough topics and there are only so many times you can rehash the same ideas. But the awesome thing is this: no matter how lousy I or others may think a post is, there seems to always be a handful of people who take something from it.

So if you are worried about your readership or can’t understand why your blog isn’t making the rounds as much as you’d hope, take solace that there are people out there who are responding to and thinking about it. You may not be able to see them and you may never hear from them, but they’re out there, and you are making an impact on them.


2 responses to “You’ll Never Blog Alone

  1. You made an impact on me and I thought I’d let you know! Thank you!

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