Fifty Days of Blogging

Fifty days ago, I wrote a blog post. The next day, I did the same. The next day, the same. The next day, the same. On and on and on it went. At least one blog, everyday, for 50 days.


Blogging became part of my routine: come home from work, pound out a couple of blogs to cover the next few days, plan for the next day of teaching, maybe type out another blog, eat dinner, and go to sleep.

I’ve found ideas coming at me from all angles: politics, innovation, my own class, my school, my colleagues, and my PLN.

And I’ve been buoyed by everyone’s incredible support. Yes, I’ve been roundly criticized for some posts being subpar, but this is good. It means there is a certain expectation of quality that I’ve earned and must try to honor. Indeed, I’ve been amazed at some posts going, if I may, viral. That some posts have 50 retweets on Twitter is special. That one post has 270 absolutely boggles my mind.

Who am I, anyway, that so many people are putting their eyes on my writing and their minds on my words? My numbers are modest compared to many others, but I am getting over 100 views a day and if that holds today, I will hit 35,000 views all time.

The numbers are cool, and obviously, I monitor them, but what do they mean? They mean people care what I have to say, and respect my perspective. I am causing people to think and rethink and reflect. I can’t say I ever imagined this going so far.

I’m just a teacher in New York City. Yeah, I have beliefs and values that resonate with many, but honestly, don’t we all? So many people inspire me, so I have a difficult time accepting that I inspire so many.

Whatever it is that brings you here to share, ponder, and inspire, thank you for taking the time. I never set a goal for myself to blog 50 straight days, but reading your comments motivates me to keep sharing ideas that I hope impact you, make you feel, make you believe.

So thanks, readers, for being honest, open, uplifting, and loyal. You don’t even know what it means to me.


3 responses to “Fifty Days of Blogging

  1. Well done! Killer commitment. I’m taking your lead and trying to blog for at least the next 22 days until I have my Trinity TESOL Diploma exam. A truthful end of day blog SHOULD contain everything that I really did that day re TEFL. That’ll mean that I’m going to have to force myself to put some useful revision into my daily schedule. If I write down what I’ve learnt, it’s an excellent way to recall the good learning stuff at the end of the day. So, Thanks for the inspiration. I hope I see the same positive results/benefits as you got. After the exam on 25th Nov, I’ll see if I can maintain it!!!
    Why don’t you go for 365 days now?? 🙂
    Day 1:

  2. Matt, I’m so happy that you blogged for fifty days. I gained perspective and knowledge from your posts. At times, you challenged and broadened my thinking. I believe that the more educators share what they do, think and question, the more our entire profession will grow to best serve students. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. – Maureen

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