My Nominees for the 2011 Edublog Awards

This is the year I became serious about blogging. I made tweeting an act of connecting. I established my Google Reader and populated it with many feeds driven by amazing people. This year has seen a major transition for me in the online world, from lurker with a couple of acquaintances to active participant with many colleagues. I’ve grown to enjoy the work and conversation of some incredible people, and so, I am nominating them for a 2011 Edublog Award.

Best Individual Blog – Jose Vilson’s The Jose Vilson. Jose writes what is on the mind of so many, and he does so without fear of retribution, rebuke, or rejection. He writes because he feels it is his duty to tell it like it is, and there is no sugarcoating of his words. He is a prominent voice for teachers and students and a supremely talented writer.

Best Teacher Blog – Pernille Ripp’s Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension. Pernille will scoff at this nomination, but the fact is no blog (or blogger) has more profoundly impacted what I’m trying to do as a teacher. Her blog is frequent motivation and inspiration, and her writing always forces me to rethink the kind of teacher I am.

Best New Blog – No Sleep ’til Summer. This blog is truly in its infancy – which is appropriate since the teacher behind it (Ms. D. Mac) has an infant at home. On this blog she writes about her new role as a mother and how she balances it with being a teacher, as well as her and her husband’s efforts to raise their baby in a bilingual home. Her posts drip with sincere love for the roles she holds important to her and she is definitely one to watch.

Best Individual Tweeter – Diane Ravitch. Diane is the most prominent voice for public schools, their students, and their teachers in the maelstrom of U.S. educational reform. She tweets frequently, sharing blogs, articles, and most importantly, her own wisdom, while regularly interacting with her followers. She provides bursts of inspiration when I’m feeling that things will never improve, and I honor her efforts.


2 responses to “My Nominees for the 2011 Edublog Awards

  1. I just stumbled on this whole edublog awards thing – very interesting. I have to agree with you on best teacher,tweeter and best new blog – which I really enjoyed. However, your choice for best blog… I guess at a certain level it makes sense, but I really don’t find it to delivers the edge it seems to want to have. Maybe it’s me being an old curmudgeon…

    Thanks for sharing this list and your own blog. Really good stuff.

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