Thoughts from Thanksgiving: What About the Kids?

A meal, and then a reminder.

In the afterglow (or was it aftermath?)  of our sumptuous and scrumptious Thanksgiving feast, I found myself in conversation with one of my cousins. The discussion took a predictable turn when he asked, “So, how’s work?”

I was fairly blunt delivering my opinion of the year so far. (I essentially told him that this has been a trying year for a variety of reasons.) He listened intently. He related to my struggles based on his own experiences in his field. He was genuinely concerned, and followed up by asking:

“But what about the kids?”

I was fairly blunt here, as well, saying, “Oh, are you kidding? The kids are awesome.”

We all have difficulties at work. How many of those difficulties are a direct result of our students?

Sure, there are times when my class stresses me out, but that’s all right. Usually it means I’m doing something that isn’t working for them. That is stress that I can deal with because I know that my students must be my top priority.

Don’t you feel the same way?

It was a reminder from an unexpected source that, whatever may come, it is my students that matter most.

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2 responses to “Thoughts from Thanksgiving: What About the Kids?

  1. Great post! You are so right. The students are The best part of being a teacher. They help us all to put up with all the other unpleasant parts of working in education during these trying times.

  2. Love that picture, lol. Your thoughts are so right, we always have to remember that we’re in this profession for the kids . I’ve always said and felt that they were the best part of my job!!!

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