As teachers, we are in the business of lifting students up. Unfortunately, we often have to do this while simultaneously being beaten down.

So if you’re reading this, and you feel you’ve been beaten down – by whatever or whoever – please don’t give up…

Though the systems of education may seem irrevocably broken, perhaps they can still be fixed.

Though businessfolk and politicians may see little redeeming quality in your work, perhaps they can still be swayed.

Though your awesome accomplishments seldom are appreciated, perhaps they someday will be.

Though your students seem to have hit a roadblock that they can’t seem to overcome, perhaps they will in their own time.

Though you feel dejected, demoralized, and demonized, perhaps you will someday feel quite the opposite…






2 responses to “Perhaps…

  1. Well said! It’s good to see a little hope.

  2. One can often compare teaching to mountain climbing. I like both, but they do have their challenges.

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