Those Students

Those students…


THOSE students.

Yeah, THOSE. (The ones who other teachers roll their eyes and elbow your ribs over, as if to be subtle).

You know which ones I’m talking about…

The ones who make your anger bubble like a Vesuvius of emotion because you know they can do better IF ONLY THEY WOULD…

The ones who snicker mischievously when you catch on to something because they know you want to snicker at it, too…

The ones who come from the single parent homes and have never met their father…

The ones who come from the single parent homes and have never met their mother…

The ones who arrive on the first day of school carrying the baggage of all their previous teachers who said “He won’t, he can’t, he isn’t, he doesn’t…”

The ones who have already moved three times this year and land in your classroom unannounced during the second month of school, hoping that this time it’ll finally stick…

The ones who, hand-me-downs be damned, show up to school everyday with a smile and a purpose…

The ones who, in May, look you in the eye for the first time all school year, and allow you to see a twinkle that means you’ve made a difference…

The ones who run up to you after school even though you taught them all those years ago and haven’t seen them since…

The ones who enter your thoughts at random times during the day and make you think, “I wonder how s/he turned out…”

Do you know those students?

Don’t they make it all worthwhile?


3 responses to “Those Students

  1. Wonderful post to start the day with! Thanks.

  2. Matthew,
    Another inspirational blog! Your insights continue to amaze me and make me realize over and over again that you did chose the right profession. In your short teaching career you have made an incredible difference in the lives of your students and they in yours. I know for you, they all make it worthwhile.

  3. Great post. I’ve had those students quite a bit.

    Unrelated, why is it snowing on your blog?

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