Envisioning a Dream School

This is the third in a series of letters I will be exchanging with a colleague on a variety of issues.

Dear Donna Mac,

We have always been able to enjoy frank conversation with each other. Lately we have both been ruminating about our current state of affairs as educators in NYC and in the U.S. I told you recently that the conversation was just bringing me down – a lot of griping from two people with can-do attitudes.

So I am writing today to ask you to share your dream. There is no such thing in this world as a perfect school, but if you were able to create it, what would it be like? What types of staff would be employed? What would the students’ backgrounds be? What would be the focus of the curriculum? What would be your mission statement? What would be your schedule? What would I see if I walked into a typical classroom?

Donna, when I am feeling down about the job and all the influence exerted by people far removed from classrooms and schools, my mind often takes me to the campus of my dream school. I like to think that, come the day of educational utopia, teachers and administrators will take back the schools and create places that serve to help children truly maximize their every potential. Until then, though, I dream.

And I wonder what your dream looks like, too.



3 responses to “Envisioning a Dream School

  1. In my dream school, teachers play an important role in decision making and learning design.

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