Nothing Lasts Forever

Yesterday, what had been inevitable for several weeks finally came to pass: two girls moved into my class from another one and one of my boys learned he would be leaving.

As excited and comfortable as the girls were by the end of the day, that’s how worried and upset the boy was. I had to break the news to him toward the end of the day that, given that we were over the limit of kids in our class, someone would have to move into a class where they were one under the limit.

Try as I did to butter him up and make him feel better – “They asked me to suggest a boy who has gotten better in school this year and who makes friends easily” – he was devastated. He cried for a good 20 minutes. No amount of reason could make sense to him. He said it wasn’t fair.

It was hard for me to argue that point. Unfortunately, this is one of the necessary evils of being a teacher and building a community: nothing lasts forever.

So we bid him farewell. I’m comfortable in the knowledge that he is going to a talented colleague and is bringing with him the confidence of knowing that he has done well this year.

It is a difficult transition for him to make, but in the end, I don’t doubt he will continue to thrive.

That doesn’t make it that much easier on his former teacher and classmates, though.


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