Don’t Vote for Me in the Edublog Awards

Only stuff the ballot box if you want to.

Now that the Edublog nominations are out, many people are going to take to their blogs to say, “Vote for me!” and many others are going to take to their blogs to say, “It is wonderful just to be nominated!”

I am going to take a different approach – the approach that speaks my mind on the whole thing.

Fact: It is nice to be nominated.

Myth: Being nominated is enough (ie. Now that I’ve been nominated, it doesn’t matter if I win.)

However, with that being said, I only ask that if you vote for me, you do it because you feel I am the best choice in the field. Given the quality I am up against, that is asking a lot.

Look, I would be honored to win an Edublog Award, but I’m not campaigning for myself. If people objectively take a look at what I have to offer and decide that my vibe is groovier than everyone else’s, then so be it. But I’m not soliciting votes just so people can blindly push me to the top.

[Full disclosure: I did post a link on Facebook through which my friends and family can vote for me, and I will probably at some point encourage non Facebooked family to vote. However, I am making it a point not to extend those pleas to my personal – and professional – learning network. If I win, it will be because of merit and approval from my peers (including those who do not know me), not because people like me, but because they feel my work is the best choice].

With all that being said, I say this: “May the best teacher blog win, and so too, may the most influential blog post win.” If neither of them happen to have “Mr. Foteah” in their title, then, hey, so be it.

After all, it is an honor just to be nominated, and I can always display those badges with pride.


2 responses to “Don’t Vote for Me in the Edublog Awards

  1. A true honor is one that you are worthy of. It’s great to have exemplars in every realm–particularly exemplars that colleagues, peers and others in the field have chosen. We can analyze, look up to and model the best that exemplars have to offer. We can be proud of those that take the time to share with wisdom, strength and skill. And as we analyze, it’s important to keep the focus of our blogging efforts at the forefront–what is the thrust of your blog; the focus of your writing and the intent? I wish you well–congratulations on your nomination.

  2. I won’t vote for you if you won’t vote for me 😛

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