A Special Educator’s Word List

As a teacher of special education, it would please me greatly if you avoided using the following words to describe my students:

  • incapable
  • lazy
  • unmotivated
  • low-functioning
  • slow
  • SPED
  • dumb
  • stupid
  • different
  • special
  • unable

If you would like, however, to grace your speech with the following niceties, then by all means, do:

  • worthy
  • valuable
  • important
  • unique
  • talented
  • intelligent
  • hard-working
  • special
  • capable

Just saying.


One response to “A Special Educator’s Word List

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s simple and straight to the point: the language we use is never “just a word” but a reflection of our level of understanding an acceptance. And let’s challenge our school communities one step further – let’s take the opportunity to challenge the language when we hear the word too.

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