One of Us

A student who entered my class last week left this note for me on Friday afternoon.

It is hard and stressful to lose and add students during the year. It’s difficult on the kids and the teacher. As teachers, though, we have to put on the brave face and reassure the ones who depart and welcome with open arms the ones who arrive. As difficult as it is for us and the rest of the students, it is much harder on the kids who are moving around.

So, this student writes, after worrying and feeling sad that, “I felt like one of you.”

And that’s just what we hoped she’d feel.


4 responses to “One of Us

  1. That is the kind of thing that tells you that you are doing something right with your students. Thank you for making Monday morning so much better.

  2. Matthew,
    Yes, it is always difficult to get new children mid year, but it’s something that can’t be controlled. What can be controlled is making the student feel comfortable and welcome and quickly feeling “like one of you.” And that’s exactly what you did. And that’s what caring teachers do!!

  3. This definitely made me misty eyed! Please tell me that this will be kept in a place you can go when you’re having a rough day– I can’t imagine anything more effective at brightening up a day than this.

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