A House With No Bathroom!

Would you embark on building a house without a plan? Would you try to teach a lesson without a plan?

Today I am sharing the analogy my principal made yesterday when discussing the need to have well-planned lessons.

Imagine a couple buys a plot of land on which they desire to build a house. They hire an architect and tell him they want a house with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a nice-sized kitchen, etc.

The architect says, “Sure, no problem. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Don’t worry – I’ll take care of everything.”

So the architect brings in his staff and says, “Men, build a house with three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a nice-sized kitchen!”

When the house is completed, the owners are appalled. The house has three bedrooms and a nice-sized kitchen, but no bathroom. They tell the architect, “This doesn’t work.” They ask, “How can we have a house with no bathroom?”

The architect agrees. “We will start over and build a new house,” he says. He instructs his crew to demolish the house and tells them to build a new one.

Once the second house is erected, the same problem arises: there are three bedrooms, a nice-sized kitchen, and no bathroom.

It isn’t until the architect realizes he needs to spend the time to plan the placement and size of each room, as well as the role of each of his workers, that the couple’s house is constructed with the bathroom. But how much time, resources, energy, and motivation were wasted getting to that point?

I took the liberty of extending the analogy a bit, but I think the point is clear: how can a teacher expect to reap the product she desires – students acquiring certain skills – if the blueprint isn’t drawn out before the construction starts?


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