A Touching Note

Here is a beautiful e-mail I received yesterday from an old friend with whom I haven’t spoken in a couple of years. It is notes and encouragement like this that help me keep going.

Hey Matt,

How are you?

It has been awhile since we talked. I keep meaning to e-mail you but I am so bad at doing these things in a timely fashion.

The reason I’ve been wanting to e-mail you is because I have been reading a lot of your posts on your blog and they are just so amazing and inspirational. You know, I hear so many teachers constantly complaining and whining about their jobs and have seen firsthand how so many of them slack off. Not having a job now, you know, it has made me quite bitter about everything to know that so many classrooms of children are not having the experiences they could be having due to these teachers. It makes me angry at fellow teachers and understand why some people outside of the field have such low views of teachers. But then you remind me. There are teachers out there that still care and still put forth 150% effort because the children and the profession is important to them. You are making a difference and it will not go unnoticed. I really wish I had a classroom to call my own, and could work amongst teachers who had such creativity and motivation like you. I miss teaching so much. I just really want you to know that I admire you and read your blog posts and get inspired and touched by your words and your work in general.

I am beginning to ramble, I don’t know where I was going with this, but I just wanted to say it because I think about this a lot and just never actually type it out.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and Happy New Year!

So touching, and these are the types of notes that are so much more meaningful than retweets or awards!! Thank you, you know who!


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