A Class Acts

When I interviewed at my school, I was totally impressed to learn that in a school of 2,000 kids, each and every class was expected to produce a stage performance. Logistics notwithstanding, I loved this because I have such positive memories of being in class plays when I was in elementary school.

Figuring out the logistics of working a play in with all the other requirements of the year can be quite daunting, sure. But I’m excited to say that our preparation is underway and yesterday’s initial foray into learning one of our songs wasn’t half bad.

I am still in the process of writing the script and the rest of the music,  but yesterday I began teaching my students one of the songs. In a class that is 75 % girls, setting a song to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is bound to create excitement. Seeing the teacher dance like the Biebs while making the heart symbol with his hands ought to encourage them to do the same. Some of the more reserved kids couldn’t wait to bust a move and harmonize with their peers.

Some kids were totally into it, belting out runs on the music, offering twirls to the dance steps, and attempting to glide across the tiles. But some of the boys were a little less cooperative. One went ahead and said, “I hate Justin Bieber. I’m not going to be in this play!”

I think he will come around when he realizes the play isn’t about the Biebs, but about our class working together. So while it is stressful to produce a play in the midst of this, that, and several other things, the community and cooperation it yields is well worth it.


One response to “A Class Acts

  1. What? No Lady Gaga songs???

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