The Many Jobs of a Teacher

Teachers’ jobs are a lot more involved than what appears on the surface. Here is a partial list of teacher responsibilities that go far beyond the actual teaching a teacher does. This is not an inspirational list. It’s purpose is just to continue to shine a light on the many responsibilities of a teacher, since so many think it’s “just an 8 to 3 job with summers off.” Add whatever I missed in the comments.

  • teach content in a multitude of ways; reteach it until it is learned.
  • communicate regularly with parents via e-mail, phone, in-person conferences, and newsletters.
  • assess papers and tests to inform next instructional steps.
  • balance the demands of schedule changes and conflicts.
  • regularly provide and receive feedback to colleagues who work with the same students.
  • provide data of various forms at various intervals to administrators.
  • read professional literature.
  • attend conferences and professional development.
  • write and direct plays and other performances.
  • lead charitable endeavors, including reaching out to the community and managing donations.
  • scout and book field trips.
  • collect appropriate materials from a variety of sources, such as stores and the library.
  • collect money for trips, book orders, and more.
  • work with colleagues to better their pedagogy or understanding.
  • hold meetings with a variety of professionals in the school who can assist in various roles (ie. psychologist, administrators, parent coordinators, etc.)
  • participate in union activities.
  • remain calm and make decisions in the event of a medical or other emergency.
  • coordinate with guidance counselors to address various issues in students’ lives.



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