Independence Day

I don’t know what got into me this week but I finally did something I should have done from the beginning of the year. I set a solid schedule for readers workshop and posted it in an easily accessible place in the classroom.

The schedule lists the days we have readers workshop and what each student should be doing during the work period (guided reading with me, reading on a computer, or reading independently with paras rotating).

Oh my goodness, the bliss that this schedule has created!! (Yes, I used two exclamation points!!) The students’ independence has elevated the culture of the room about 100 notches.

In readers workshop, in just one day, students went from saying, “Where do I go?” and, “Can I use the computer?” and, “When will you do a running record for me?” to “I’ll get the computers for my group” and “I’m coming over for guided reading.”

It is amazing how a simple piece of paper can influence a classroom so positively. It saves me the aggravation of dispatching and answering the same question multiple times, too.

The next schedule that’s going up is one for beanbag use! No more fighting over the beanbags! We do what the schedule says! And in other independence news, I began teaching a small group of students how to use an editing checklist to review their writing and their peers’ as well. Yeah for growing up!


One response to “Independence Day

  1. Must be that time of year as we’re reworking our readers’ workshop right now too–rearranging groups and routines. Thanks for sharing the good ideas. Have a great day.

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