Going Gaga for Google!

A lot of people seem to like the idea of Google Calendar serving as a hybrid plan book/lesson plan book. My ultimate goal is to be able to click on the lesson event and open up the lesson plan There seems to be a consensus that it can be done, but based on the dialogue in the comments on the post I linked, there seems to be a bit of frustration about how to make it happen as efficiently as possible.

It may be an ongoing project for me as I try to make sense of some of the suggestions made to me in the comments. In the meantime, though, I’m bulking up on my use of Google Docs and Google Calendar to help me be more organized and move away from paper.

1) I am now typing my lesson plans directly into Google Docs. I am organizing them by subject using collections. They are readily available for access and sharing, if necessary.

2) I collaborated with a colleague the other evening on Google Docs. She posted a lesson plan and asked me to make some remarks on it. Then, we discussed it using GChat (while simultaneously viewing her plan).

3) I started making Google Forms for IEP assessments. I’ve only done one so far, but I took a student’s goals, turned them into questions, and created checkboxes for each question.

4) I downloaded GoDocs for the iPad, so I have everything at my fingertips throughout the day.

5) I began to make the case to our math coach (who does plenty of professional development and paper copying/distributing) to make the move to Google Docs rather than use so much paper. She said I should keep hounding her until we sit down and look at it together.

6) Rather than go to 8 computers to upload students’ in-progress documents from my flash drive (what a nuisance!), I created a Google Doc for each of them so they can type and edit more efficiently. I’m not sure if it will work, but my plan is to log them all in on the same account so they can work on their own documents. A future project is to get parental approval to create GMail accounts for all students so they can do their own work on Google Docs.

Many Tweeps have shared ideas and information with me since the Calendar post, so there is lots to draw upon. It’s 2012 – and I’m starting to feel like I’m joining the technologically-inclined.


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