We’re in the Clouds

Today, I’ll take it as a compliment if you tell me my class and I are “in the clouds.”

Reason: yesterday, students experienced their first use of Google Docs, and it was a great success.

Thanks to a colleague allowing us to use some of her laptops, I had six students typing independently, publishing their work on Google Docs. It turns out you can log on to GDocs from multiple machines using the same user name. This is huge for me right now as my students do not have GMail accounts.

The kids loved GDocs. At lunch, I had three students continue to work. I sat at my iPad reading their work as they typed, and I typed suggestions and reminders for them to consider. Students marveled at the fact that what I typed appeared on their screen. They used what I typed to improve their writing. What a great exercise in literacy for students to receive direction by reading rather than listening.

Sometime in the future, I think I may get permission to set up GMail accounts for all the students so they can continue to work in the cloud and benefit from collaboration with me and their peers. I see great potential here!


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