A Super Bowl School Year

The road to a great season starts in training camp.

It is amazing the amount of thought that continues to stem from Annette Breaux’s presentation on Thursday.

She referred several times to the Giants run to the Super Bowl (as she and Eli are both Louisianians) and drew parallels between a championship season and a well-run classroom. That many colleagues and I are experiencing a dip in our students’ commitment to routines and procedures at this time of year, resulting in the loss of valuable learning time, underscores the points Annette made. Since I’m implementing many of the strategies she offered, too, it is timely to remember how best to put my students on the path to a Super Bowl berth.

Procedures need to be practiced and instilled from day one. The more they are practiced, the easier they become to carry out and the less time and effort they take to execute them properly. Tom Coughlin had his players running drills and plays from the beginning of training camp in order to prepare them for a 17-week season. We must do the same with our students to prepare them for a 10-month school year.

The biggest takeaway from Annette regarding practice of procedures was this, though: the Giants, during this, the week of the Super Bowl, practiced many of the same drills and plays they practiced way back on the first week of training camp.

Practice makes perfect, and as we try to move toward perfection in our students’ execution and following of procedures (to maximize the potential of our entire team), we need to continually practice.

With this in mind, I am rededicating myself to revamping some old routines, installing new ones, and finding time for more practice of each. Just like the Giants, we’re going to finish this season strong.

A Super Bowl score prediction, based largely on nothing but gut: Giants 31, Patriots 24. Go Big Blue.

Annette Breaux’s books are available for purchase here and she is also on Twitter.


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