Blogging Is Worth Our Time!

Is blogging worth our time?

That’s the question Pernille Ripp posed this weekend on her blog. I think it is. Here is a list of times when I feel blogging is worth our time.

Blogging is worth our time when…

  • we pose questions that generate debate and pushback – we all need to be shaken up a little from our thinking from time to time so that we remember we don’t know everything and that our ways are not the only ways of doing things.
  • we post ideas that others can use – teaching becomes a very lonely profession for many, and there are plenty of people who do not feel comfortable using their own schools for growth (for whatever the reasons are). So when we share tips from our own experience, we give others the confidence to try.
  • people are inspired by what we write – the most gratifying comments are when people write that I’ve reminded them of something they’ve forgotten about being a teacher, like what really matters (ie. the kids!)

As multiple comments on Pernille’s post pointed out, it is not for anyone but the individual blogger to decide if blogging is worth the time. I know that blogging is worth my time because people get something out of reading what I write and putting my thoughts down allows me to more deeply and honestly reflect. The latter makes me a better practitioner in a variety of ways.


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