I’m Trying!

I won’t lie, the first two days of this week have been a bit of a slog. Lots of stuff going on, many of us feel like the walls are closing in. It helps, sure, that we have our mid-winter break coming up (many in school can tell you how many hours it is until it starts!), but in many pockets of the building, the vibe isn’t the best.

I have mostly been on a positive streak lately, but it has dipped. I know Monday was not my best day with my kids. One thing after another, none of them having to do with the kids, put me in a foul mood that I struggled to drag myself out of. I am trying to remain cognizant that I have to do my best to keep smiling, keep shining for them (see what I did there? A little Whitney Houston tribute, because Dionne Warwick sang that line, and they were cousins. Got it?) Et cetera, et cetera.

Anyways, we had a nice final 20 minutes of Valentine’s Day (after struggling through a 100th day celebration where we tried to make as many combinations of 100 cents as we could). The kids were lavished with plenty of gifts and were pumped. That was good, at least. I got some gifts, too, which were totally unexpected.

Only three days until the vacation. There’s still oodles to be done…and I promise, I will try to get them all done with a smile on my face!


2 responses to “I’m Trying!

  1. Keep trying. I think the students in my class are tired–there’s been a lot of illness and with all the standards we’re trying to reach, they work very hard each and every day. It’s also “test season” for us and that makes everyone a bit nervous since the standards outweigh the minutes in a year and don’t respond to the varying development patterns of young children. The vacation will renew everyone. Take care.

  2. Your blogs honestly keep me smiling everyday knowing that someone else is feeling just the same. Unlike you I don’t have an upcoming break but I am still pressing through. My best advice would be to come up with something quick that can be fun for you as well as your students. This morning I was feeling down so I had them do a word study relay instead of regular boring word study and then we did a shared read-aloud which always puts a smile on my face. Keep on pressing on.

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