An Open Secret

For a long time, I maintained this blog secretly and anonymously. Sure, my family knew about it. So did the folks on Twitter. Only one colleague knew about it; another one was able to connect a bunch of random dots that led her to realize it was me behind a pseudonym.

I brought myself above ground over the summer and connected this blog to Facebook. Now, any colleague with whom I’m friends can read it. To my excitement, many do.

I was originally wary of them knowing about this blog for fear that what I write might fall into the wrong hands and be used against me. By and large, though, my colleagues have been very supportive, often telling me they find it to be very inspirational.

In a way, having them in on my open secret has helped me understand, again, that we all started in the same place  – wanting to make a difference in our students’ lives – and we are all trying to get back to that place, where little else about the job matters or adversely affects us. I hope that by sharing this space with my colleagues, I am helping them maintain perspective of what matters most.


One response to “An Open Secret

  1. One reason I really like your blog, Matt, is that your words honestly represent the challenges, environment and work present in classrooms throughout the United States. For too long, only those outside of schools and classrooms, have monopolized the speak related to schools and the work teachers do. Myths about schools, classrooms and teachers are abundant, but few understand or realize the true challenges, work and vision related to educators who teach each day. Also, as a veteran teacher, your words help to invigorate my vision and work each day. Thank you for taking the time to share the work of elementary school teachers with the world.

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