Blame the Teachers

When did it become fashionable to pick on teachers? Why did it become fashionable?

What kind of society is ours? One in which those who choose the challenging, essential work of teaching are scapegoated, red-lettered, and bashed as the cause of all the world’s problems?

Kids are poor? Blame the teachers. Kids don’t eat breakfast? Blame the teachers. The Dow is down? Blame the teachers. Gas costs $4 a gallon? Blame the teachers. It’s raining? BLAME THE STINKING TEACHERS.

Who will draw the blame when the day comes that those sages who make the decisions realize that their decisions stunk? Can’t you see it now?

Reformer: “Well, yes, we measured them on test scores, but look at what that got us. The kids don’t know anything, anyway. Blame the teachers.”

I guess my point is this: if you’re a teacher, thank you for doing everything in your power to ruin the world. (Who else could I blame?)


One response to “Blame the Teachers

  1. A title I couldn’t pass up. I’ve thought a lot about this issue. I’m wondering about how we can run schools in a way that prompts the next generation to think of schools and/or the learning experience as an event that can be compared to no other due to its excellence and contribution?

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