We Need to Focus on What We Can Change Now

Unless you’re made of steel or oblivious to the world around you (which, hey, may be a good thing given all that’s gone on), this has not only not been a good year for teachers, it’s actually been a bad one.

Still, if we just folded up the tent and gave up, we would be doing oh so many a disservice. Negativity would win and grey skies would reign.

That’s why the small accomplishments and developments that were always important seem even more important this year. Just yesterday, a colleague shared the amazing difference in the classroom she noticed because she made an effort to smile more. Seems minor, but it’s not.

Yes, let’s remain angry at the way we’re vilified on, what, a daily basis? Let’s continue to speak out in our own defense. But let us also not lose focus of what we can control and improve now: our own practices and attitudes, our support of colleagues, and as always, the strength in our belief in and our commitment to our students.


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